certbot (Let’s Encrypt) を使って無料でTLS/SSL証明書を発行する on Mac


一時的な証明書が欲しい場合は、 manual

参考: https://certbot.eff.org/docs/using.html#certbot-command-line-options

  1. 作業ディレクトリの作成
    mkdir certbot
  2. 証明書発行開始コマンド
    sudo certbot certonly –manual -d DOMAIN1 -d DOMAIN2…
    Enter email address (used for urgent renewal and security notices) (Enter 'c' tocancel): [email protected]

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    Please read the Terms of Service at
    https://letsencrypt.org/documents/LE-SA-v1.1.1-August-1-2016.pdf. You must agree
    in order to register with the ACME server at
    (A)gree/(C)ancel: A

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    Would you be willing to share your email address with the Electronic Frontier
    Foundation, a founding partner of the Let's Encrypt project and the non-profit
    organization that develops Certbot? We'd like to send you email about EFF and
    our work to encrypt the web, protect its users and defend digital rights.
    (Y)es/(N)o: Y

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